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Friday, May 17, 2013

Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships or BHPH car lots are dealerships where buyers with extensive credit problems can purchase a car to get them back on the road. Not only back on the open road in a vehicle, but back on the road to credit recovery in some cases, it just depends on the car lots programs. BHPH dealers are not your traditional dealers and only a selected few report the payment history to the credit bureaus. But they will provide you with a way to get you into a vehicle when no one else could.

The main reasoning behind this option is the fact that they have a great understanding of the different types of credit issues or situations that many individuals are in. And they are willing to work with nearly every case until they are approved internally. Being preapproved or approved internally is exactly what it sounds like; the dealers have the options to finance in house. So besides the rules and regulations being a little bit lenient, there are some other benefits to purchasing from a buy here pay here dealership in your area.

  • Buy here pay here cars are available for even the most credit challenged buyers. This is the most important benefit to BHPH dealers. For some people these dealers are their only option as their credit could be in a exceptionally low state.
  • Most people are paid weekly or bi-weekly, so you can get paid and pay your car note at the same time. These payments will be made to the same place you pick out your vehicle.
  • Trade in forgiveness is the last benefit we will talk about. These pay here buy here dealers know the benefit of getting you the highest value out of your older automobile. Most trade in vehicles that they except will be inspected and could end up being resold.

Having bad credit, poor credit or no credit alt all is not something that will last forever, all it really takes is a change in some financial and spending habits. With help from we finance car dealers you could be in a vehicle that you want to purchase and own. In house financing is going to be the best start for you to become a better borrower, and getting you the transportation that is safe and reliable.